Friday, August 19, 2011

Baskets, Ribbons and Glue: A Story of Tragic Disappointment and Epic Failure

Once upon a time there was a boy who met a girl. They fell in love and decided to get married. The boy was very creative and crafty and wanted to make special hand-made wedding favors for all the guests - little white flower & ribbon bedecked baskets filled with homemade chocolate truffles (the boy could also make confections like a pro).

 The girl was excited because she thought this meant that he would make these baskets and they would be SO PRETTY!

However, her joy was short-lived when he explained to her that she would be making the baskets with him.
   Her heart filled with dread. She would have to tell the boy that she was not, in fact, perfect.

That she was tragically born without a Crafty gene.

 She was Craft Deficient.

When she told the boy, he thought she was being humbly modest about her abilities, because who couldn't glue some ribbon and flowers onto a basket? He reassured her that all would be well and she would make beautiful baskets for their Day of Bliss.

Soon, Basket Day was upon her and the girl had arrived at the boy's house only to discover that not only would the two of them be making baskets, but he had elicited other family members to help (turns out his whole damn family is a bunch of crafting machines). However, once she saw the supplies laid out and was given instruction on how to decorate, she was put at ease.

 It's just glue! And ribbon! Relief washed over her as she was confident that even

could handle this simple task.

She was wrong.

The End.

So pretty...

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  1. Love. This. You guys are an awesome Dynamic Duo.